New Decade, New You

January 06, 2020

New Decade, New You


Wow, it’s a new decade! When you think back to 10 years ago what were you doing then and how far have you come since? Go back with me… It’s 2010, you know all the lyrics to Adele’s  Rolling in the Deep and you’re belting it out loud AF in your car. What were your priorities back then, what were your goals and how many big goals do you feel like you accomplished?

More important than what you actually did is, is how you feel about your answers. Do you feel good or bad, happy or sad, proud or guilty about the last decade of your life?  Have you been living in the same city for a decade and feel stable and self-assured or have you just moved across the country to chase a dream and feel fulfilled and excited? Both are great, as long as you feel good about where you are and have a sense of where you want to go. 

With that being said, even with the most positive mindset, it can be difficult to move forward into the future without at least a few aspects of the past holding you back.

A great way to enter the decade like a champ is to take stock of all your successes. Yes, it is important to identify the learnings of the past decade but even more valuable is identifying where you rocked it and doing more of that in the upcoming decade! 

There is no reason to look at all your faults and try and fix them all, instead focus on what makes you great and do more to make yourself even better.  there is no value in bringing yourself down when there is so much good for you to focus on and bring to life in the next decade. 

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Shake it off 

It’s time to release the past, forgive yourself (or whomever) and set yourself free. It may seem corny, but it works. The act of physically releasing the things that are weighing you down does something to your brain. You may not feel any difference right away but eventually, just notice that the mental burdens that you let go of are gone.

Start by identifying what is holding you back. Do you have a clear idea of what serves you and what does not? Grab your journal and work through these questions. 

    • What have you decided is not for you?
    • What will you leave behind in 2019?
    • What do you need to forgive yourself for?
    • What do you wish you could have told that 2010 version of you?

Now that you’ve thought it through it’s time to let it go. If you having a hard time, try this: 

  1. Grab a handful of post-it notes, and write the things that you need to let go of on each little sheet of paper.
  2. Then read them aloud, and after you read and really think about it, throw it in the fireplace or shred it in the shredder or ball it up in a tiny little ball and toss it in the trash. Release, release, release. 

There are many ways to release negative emotional baggage. No matter how you do it, you have to release past and negative energies so you can move into 2020 bright like a diamond. 

Reset your intentions 

Now that you are clear of all that 2010’s energy you are ready to set a fresh set of intentions for the new decade. 

We’ve all heard the stats, 80% of people don’t keep resolutions. That’s why we are NOT setting resolutions! Intentions are more like desires or personal expectations. The difference with intention setting is that it is really about how you feel. It's about creating a feel-good emotion that helps you get in tune with yourself.

You don’t have to know all the answers or have a strict set of goals… in fact, it is the exact opposite. Figure out what makes you feel good, today, right now these are the things you can do each day, starting now, to create more of the life you want.

I know you are thinking, so eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s is what I should do today because it makes me feel oh so good!  Well yes, and no. The reality is you know that if you eat that pint you may feel guilty after even if you feel good at the moment. But if you can eat it guilt-free, then go at it, seriously!  As long as you don’t tip the scales into guilt and negative emotion, you are okay! Because as long as you feel good, you are good. The purpose of life is to love it, live it and have fun doing it. So if you are enjoying what you are doing, truly enjoying it, and you won’t regret it, then go for it.

The key to intention setting is doing things that feel good now, that can also benefit your future. So that when you look back on the action you feel good about what you did, or you can feel good about what you learned. The more you can do things that make you feel good, the more you will move toward doing things that will make you feel good. It is a continuous positive loop.

When setting your intentions for the decade here are a few questions to ask yourself. 

    • Who, what and where to want to be in 2030?
    • Now you know how quickly 10 years flies by what can you do now to help 2030 you be satisfied with her progress?
    • In what ways do you need to be kinder and more supportive of yourself?

Last thing. The decade is still 10 years long. You don’t have to have all of the answers today. Treat yourself with a little kindness and give yourself the time it takes to figure it out. This is important, it is the foundation of the story of your life after all. 

In the meantime, enjoy some new decade tunes on us. Let’s Celebrate. It’s a New Decade and a New You. 

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